Who we are

Boys Towns, Girls Town and Children’s villages are founded for the benefit of the orphaned, semi-orphaned,underprivileged poorest children. In these institutions the children are receiving free education, food, medical care, recreation to have childhood pleasures and activities to develop their physical, mental and spiritual health. Boys Town Society’s institutions are helping the poor children, irrespective of castes, creeds or religions.

Need” is the criteria for admission in all the institutions under Boys Town Society. Boys/girls who scored higher percentage are sent to higher studies like Industrial Training Institute, Polytechnic and other professional courses like lab technician,soft ware and hard ware computer courses etc. Others are referred to different trades such as electrical, mechanical, driving etc based on their aptitude and assisted to settle back in their life with a decent job.

Apart from Residential courses, BTS also assists children in remote villages to develop their academic, social skills through its Education for life Project.

BTS also focuses on Environmental education programme through its Perumbarai Environmental centre located in the western ghats.