Our Partners

Partners behind our service to the children are…

1. Joe Homan Charity (UK) is our prime and biggest funding partner. We thank chairman Mr. Peter Church, Trustees, Sponsors, Charity Manager Mr. Jon Crouch and other supporters for their continuous devotion to the children so they can outgrow their poverty at BTS.

jon & peter

2. Seibo Gakuin High School, Japan – Students studying in Seibo Gakuin High School are jointly sponsoring most of the boys studying in Seibo Boys Town, Athoor. We thank Mr. Hiroyuki Ikegami. We appreciate the contributions of the students.


3. Rajah Trust, UK – They are sponsoring children studying in one of our children village named Tindlepatti Children Village. We thank Mr. James Lightfoot, Ms. Rosie and Mr. Harry Lightfoot for their efforts in raising funds.

4. Asha – Zurich, Switzerland –¬†Our funding partner from Switzerland is kindly supporting the running cost for our Francois Meyer Nursery and Primary school as well as the building of the new school.



5. Parents of our students are also our partners. They support us with monetary or material goods or by devoting their time.

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6. Old Students – Some of the old, i.e. former students are now sponsoring BTS children.


7. School Teachers – Teachers of the schools where our children study, teach our students with keen interest.