Boys Town Society

Boys Town Society


A Child Welfare Organization

Rajapalaiyam Road, Near Allampatti,
Thirumangalam, Madurai – 625 706

Our Partners

Partners behind our service to the children are…

1. Seibo Gakuin High School, Japan
Students studying in Seibo Gakuin High School are jointly sponsoring most of the boys studying in Seibo Boys Town, Athoor. We thank Mr. Hiroyuki Ikegami. We appreciate the contributions of the students.

2.Belgium Supporters
Thierry Meyer and Beatrice Meyer are our long time supporters from Belgium. Infact the school is named after their son Francois Meyer. Their able guidance and support makes our journey easy.

3.Indian Supporters
We are supported by some friends in India who joins with us in sponsoring our children for their food. education,Annual expenditure. Now a days Former students of BTS ( as a single person or as a group of friends) started in sponsoring our children.

4. Parents of our students are also our partners. They support us with monetary or material goods or by devoting their time.