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ZZZ – Sponsor A Child

Child in Need

Whenever we see children in need of help, we will help them for that incidence. Such incidental help to the child will only help them for that particular time but it will not be a sustainable solution for them. Helping Children through a structured child welfare organization like us will give a complete support for the child and  it will help them for the children future developments too.

Following are our Sponsorship scheme.

  1. Over all Expenditure for per child for per annum is Rs.25,000/-
  2. Expenditure by excluding Capital work for per child per annum is Rs.23,000/-
  3. Expenditure for a child for Food Education & Administration for per annum is Rs.14,000/-
  4. Food expenses alone for per child per annum is Rs.10,000/-
  5. Expenses for providing per day special food on any of your occasion to all children in a Boys Town is Rs.4000/-
  6. Expenses for providing per day foods on any of your occasion to all Children in a Boys Town is Rs.3,000/-

Now you can select any kind of the Sponsorship scheme as you like as it is mentioned above. Then kindly fill the Personal Details format for sponsorship and send to us either via e-mail or by post or in person to our Contact address. Immediately our staff will contact you for further Assistance.

All contributions to BTS are exempt from Income Tax under Section 80 G of the IT Act.

 Group/ Corporate  Sponsorship

You can also sponsor the children under the name of a Group – such as Clubs, Institutions, Friends etc.,

 Modes of Sponsorships

By Cash

You can pay cash in person in any of the working days in the Administrative Office of the Boys Town Society and get receipt for the same.

By Money Orders/Cheque /Demand Draft

You can send your donation by Money order/Cheque/Demand Draft to the following Address. On receiving the money you will get receipt for the same by post. Cheque (or) demand draft needs to be prepared in the name of   “Boys Town Society Local Fund a/c” and payable at Madurai. While sending MO/Cheque/DD- Don’t forget to send your Personal Details format for sponsorship along with the post.

Download this form for donating sponsorship and  send it to

By Online

Online donations can be made to the following accounts

Rajapalaiyam – IOB, Karivalamvandhanallur – A/c No. 022501000022866

Athoor, Dindugal – Canara Bank, Athoor- A/c No. 1342101013204

Thirumanagalam – State Bank Of India, Thirumanagalam – A/c No. 32072138664

You will be kept in touch with us

  • Sponsor those who are  sponsoring a Child will receive  Festival Greeting cards from his /her sponsored child and also they will updated with  Information about Education, Achievements & Future planning of his/her sponsored child in periodically. Sponsor can send Greeting Cards /share their happiest moments through letter to the child sponsored by him/her.
  • Sponsor those who are providing special food to a Boys Town Children or Gifts will get a THANK YOU letter from the Children along with a Photograph.