Boys Town Society

Perumparai Environmental Centre

Perumparai Environmenal Centre is an attractive, nine-acre campus in the lower Palani Hills of the Western Ghats. This stunning location, in one of the world’s bio-diversity hot spots, offers some of the finest bird-watching in South India.

PEC is a pet project of Mr.Joe Homan, founder of Boys Town Society, whose vision is continuing in conducting Training Awareness Programmes for colleges and high-school student groups on the importance of environment protection. These programmes and field trips are centered on bird-watching, conservation, habitat improvement for wildlife and plants, studies in alternative renewable energies, etc. School Holiday programmes of several days or a week include a mix of learning about the natural world and selected activities and weekend seminars can also be organized.

PEC also open to tourists who enjoys the greenery. It has rooms with all facilities including boarding. Bird watchers are given concession in the accommodation. The venue is suitable for organizing seminars, conferences and other get together.