Boys Town Society

Boys Town Society


A Child Welfare Organization

Rajapalaiyam Road, Near Allampatti,
Thirumangalam, Madurai – 625 706

Thirumangalam Boys Town

There are around 49 boys between the ages of 11 and 18 currently being benifited at Thirumangalm Boys Town.

At Boys town each child enjoys a safe and healthy environment. We provide safe and hygenic food, drinking water , education, books, notebooks and other school aminities.

Our boys town has an ample spaced playground, sports materials, library and television room to engage the children in various activities. The activities provided in Boys Town are unique and helpful to build personal, inter-personal and leadership qualities among the children.


The Boys Town is run by a properly elected children parliament elected from the resident children themselves.

The children parliament is chaired by the speaker and consists of a chief minnister and a panel of ministers that includes Ministers for Finance, Home, Agriculture, etc. Together they discuss and debate the issues and make plans for how to address them. 

The parliament is guided by a house-warden appointed to take care of the children. This system helps the children develop leadership abilities and gives them ownership of the project.

Clubs & Activities