The Inner Wheel Girls Town

Today BTS manages a Girls Town known as Inner Wheel Girls Town at Karisalpatti, Tirumangalam. This homes to around 47 girls between the ages of 11 and 18.

Inner Wheel Girls Town is run by the girls themselves, with a Warden on hand to offer guidance. The Girls Town has an elected parliament, consisting of a Chief Minister, a Speaker and Ministers for Finance, Home, Agriculture, etc. Together they discuss and debate issues and make plans for how to address them. This helps them develop leadership abilities and gives them ownership of the project.

At evenings and weekends a full itinerary is in place including indoor and outdoor club activities, sports, computer lessons and weekend outings to places of historical interest. Girls after their schooling are encouraged to choose a vocation like lab technician, health assistant, civil, mechanical engineering courses, computer courses etc based on their aptitude