Our Story

Our founder Joe Homan with the very first Boys Town Boy, Subby

The Boys Town Society was founded in 1965 by Englishman Joe Homan. He saw young impoverished children living in the railway station in Madurai and knew that he had to do something about it. His vision was to set up a poultry farm where the boys could live, learn a trade and live off the profits. This became the very first Boys Town.

Now almost 50 years later, thanks to the generosity of supporters around the world, much assistance and goodwill from local farmers and businesses, and Joe’s continuing dedication, the Boys Town Society has helped over 10,000 youngsters break out of the poverty cycle. Today we run 5 Boys Towns, 1 Girls Town and 2 Children’s Villages (for younger children) across the state of Tamil Nadu.

Within these residential projects, children are provided with well-balanced meals, regular medical check-ups and a host of extra-curricular activities, in a caring, home environment. Importantly, they also attend good local schools and are offered support and guidance to help them complete their education and go on to complete further technical or academic qualifications.