ZZZ – Who We Are

Boys Town Society,BTS,is founded by Joe Homan in the year 1965 to assist youngsters-Boys,Girls and Children-irrespective of caste, creed or religion from the impoverished villages. Youngsters are receiving free education, food, medical care and club activities to attain their physical and mental well being.

Apprenticeship Training

“NEED” is the criteria for admission in BTS. Youngsters who successfully completed their basic education are sent for higher studies like ITI, Polytechnic and other professional courses and others are referred to different trades based on their aptitude and assisted to settle back into their villages with a job.


Now every year nearly 1000 poor students are getting benifits through Boys TOwn Scoiety Projects, spread across Southern Tamilnadu, from Athoor near Dindigul down to Rajapalayam. In 2011-2012 BTS established its own school in the name of Francois Meyer Nursery and Primary School at Tirumangalam.